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Why Pre-Owned Clothes?

So, I look in my closet and find nothing I want to wear. Yet, there are some clothes hanging there.

Sounds familiar?

Later that same day I checked into my Facebook and Amazon account and spent what seemed like 10 minutes but it was probably closer to 30 minutes, looking at tops, dresses, shoes and the people wearing them. I fill my shopping cart/ wish list with items I really like, intending to cull and edit for purchase later. Thinking about the cost and my budget I may purchase one or two items or nothing.

Can you relate? Is any of this sounding closer to home now?

This happens every day! We find nothing to wear in our closets, then we go find something we actually want and we go purchase it to fill that desire.

Now, I ask, have you not admired the model or client or some person you see in the supermarket, for their smart attire? They look good in their clothes and you start to envision yourself wearing similar clothes. Well, what if you could have those clothes? The very items you saw and admired could be yours. From THEIR closets to YOURS! and you could do the same for someone else too.

It's like buying a pre-owned car. It may have been pre-loved, but it still looks and works like new! Only cheaper! In fact, this contributes to the recycling of great items that make so many happy as we all share in each other's bounty.

To start sharing visit for a few of what you can get in those closets.

#repeatservice #wearitbetter #WIB

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