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Little Black Dress

The Iconic... the Indefatigable... the multi-tasking


Does one really need to have one?

As a woman, is it really an 'essential' closet piece?

This is my take.

Before I share this, for the record: I am not a stylist, fashion guru or any other expert in clothing, fashion or style except in finding my own.

However, as a wearer of clothes for almost four decades I must say; I have never adopted the theory of the little black dress.

I do own several little black dresses and indeed find them to be a useful closet item.


Could I live without them...

Yes, I could.

I have read where they have been described as a "must have", but as I just told you, I could very well not have a single black dress in my closet and still consider my closet complete.

For myself, I have found that the one piece of clothing that is a "must have" is the one that makes me feel the most me. Iconic, indefatigably, powerfully ME!

And guess what?

It's not black... nor is it a dress!

It has been a solid pink halter top, which when I wore it and I saw my reflection in any surface, I would feel such energy and confidence, my day would already be immediately better.

I felt alive and aligned to who I felt myself to be: someone fun, feminine, playful and EXTREMELY powerful.

The little black dresses I have owned and worn never came close.

Don't get me wrong...

A little black dress is indeed an extremely useful closet tool. It is universal in its acceptance and usage.

But, when I started to focus more on my own identity and curating clothes around that brand, the little black dresses couldn't hold a candle to that little pink halter.

That's my two cents.

I would still say, get a little black dress. Try it out for yourself. Let it teach you about you and then, find your own iconic, indefatigable, powerful "MUST haves"

And yes...

You can have more than one!

Even including a little black dress.

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